Hello! Welcome to my portfolio, I’m Sheri, an illustrator, digital designer and Jack Russel wrangler based in Portugal.  

I love creating whimsical characters, hand lettering and anything with a magical or vintage feel. I work digitally incorporating traditionally created textures.  

My husband Dylan and I live just outside a little village in central Portugal. We have two dogs and two cats. Sometimes I feel like we’re living in the Shire, especially in spring when the fields are full of wildflowers. 

We lived in London for over ten years during that time I worked as a UX and digital designer. In-house and for an agency:  designing graphics, branding, storyboarding and creating assets for 2d animated videos. Since moving to the glorious Portuguese countryside I’ve been working freelance. 

If you’d like to work together or if you just want to say hello please email me at hello@sheripalmerillustration.com

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Meet the Artist: Sheri Palmer.